Northeastern Hinterland?


In the northeastern hinterland, millions of people are born, suffering and dying, with no prospect of a future.

Isolated from the rest of Brazil, we find families in distant villages, living in mud houses, sleeping on the dirt floor, without water or food, malnourished and disoriented by hunger and drought.

The hinterland is the semi-most populous semi-arid region in the world. The poor distribution of income and the situation of abandonment are aggravated by drought, condemning northeasterners to extreme poverty.

África no Brasil


In these years of work, we have reached many regions with lower IDHs than some countries in sub-Saharan Africa,considered the poorest place in the world. In the northeastern hinterland, we find a scenario of hunger, drought, misery and abandonment. More than 20 million people are below the poverty line in the northeast alone.


The northeastern hinterland is the most populous semi-arid region in the world. Research confirms that the climate situation of the hinterland is unalterable, so human intervention is fundamental. The climate in the region makes it impossible to grow and, consequently, job opportunities are scarce or non-existent.


According to experts, drought in the northeast is a climatic and social problem,
exacerbated by inequality and the total lack of local infrastructure.

Even today, thousands of families go thirsty and walk for miles in search of a bucket of water for subsistence.


The region concentrates the highest percentage of illiterate people in the country and, without a focus on education, it is almost impossible to change this reality.

+ 20 million people living below the poverty line

The hinterland has the largest population of illiterate in Brazil

Region with the lowest Human Development Indexes (HDI) in the country (HDI 0.520 - average of the municipalities where the villages served by Amigos do Bem are located)

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