As we are conscious that education is the basis for the human development, we work to provide full educational courses to children and young people from the communities we support. Our extensive performance enhances students’ skills and promotes social inclusion, aiming to foment their sense of citizenship.

Transformation Centers

The Transformation Centers are located in the hinterland of Pernambuco, Alagoas and Ceará. They have complete infrastructure and provide extracurricular activities and professional training courses for the purpose of developing the potential of more than 10 thousand children and young people, most of them still live in mud houses in isolated villages.


We provide College scholarships to young people who are victimized by the social condition of Brazilian hinterland. Vulnerable young people have the chance to increase their educational level and also get the first College degree of their families. This project strengthens the performance of Amigos do Bem because it creates local capable agents who will ensure the continuity of the regional development.