Today is Friend's Day!

Did you know that Friend’s Day and International Friendship is celebrated on July 20th?

The date was first adopted in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its has been celebrated since 1999. Enrique Ernesto Febbraro (1924-2008) instituted the date on the calendar of celebrations. It all started after men went to the moon. Because of this, what Febbraro meant to say was that, together, all the nations could overcome the most serious challenges.

Over time, Friend’s Day and International Friendship began to be celebrated in other countries, including here in Brazil.

And we, the Amigos do Bem, would like to thank the friendship we have with each donor, volunteer and partner. It is thanks to you that together we have transformed lives in the northeastern hinterland since 1993.

Now, how about enjoying this special date and send a “Hi” to that distant friend of yours who may be in the northeast, or in any other region of our country?

Celebrate with us and show that even far away, the Northeasterners are not alone. Everyone involved iwith Amigos do Bem is here.

Tag your friend in our commemorative Facebook post, just click on the image below or here.

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Happy Friend’s Day =)