In order to transform lives, we invest in the income generation to promote social inclusion in the northeastern hinterland. Projects aimed at self-sustainability were created in different regions, according to the potential of each locality. We generate job positions not only for adults who are directed assisted by Amigos do Bem, but also for other local people who may act in administrative and educational functions or in services in general.


The cashew crop was chosen because it is easily developed in arid regions and has great demand in domestic and foreign markets. 130,000 seeds of cashew were planted, totaling 680 hectares in the states of Pernambuco and Ceará. The field working team receives regular training and monitoring of professionals from Embrapa to ensure proper cultivation of the plant.


The factories of sweets and honey produce coconut sweets, dulce de leche (milk sweet), jams and jellies with unique and tasty recipes. Our honey in nature, produced by cashew flower, also expands the possibilities of employment and income for many families.


The sewing factories are in the villages of Torrões (Alagoas) and Agrovila (Ceará). They generate work and they are a new alternative source of income for women and young people from the region.