1. How can I become an Amigos do Bem member?

There are several ways to be an Amigos do Bem member and to contribute to our projects:

  • As a volunteer in the Food Collection and at the Amigos do Bem Center, in São Paulo.
  • For more information, send an email to our volunteer team.
  • As a monthly contributor, making a donation on our website.Access.

2. In which cities does Amigos do Bem act?

We operate in four cities in the northeastern hinterlands; Mauriti – Ceará, Torrões – Alagoas, Catimbau – Pernambuco and Inajá – Pernambuco.

3. I would like to follow the visits in the northeastern hinterlands. How is it possible?

First, it is necessary to be a volunteer in our institution and going through periodic training.

4. Do Amigos do Bem give lectures for volunteers who want to join its actions?

Yes. We offer regular training to integrate volunteers in the work and projects undertaken by the institution.

5. Which professionals does Amigos do Bem need to work in the northeastern hinterlands?

We need professionals in the areas of Education, Arts, Recreation, Doctors, Dentists, Optical and ophthalmologists to assist us in the transformation projects carried out in the northeastern hinterlands.

6. I want to buy Amigos do Bem products. How can I do it?

You can buy the products in the physical store of Amigos do Bem, at 300, Padre Maurício St.- Vila Diva, in São Paulo, or in temporary shops set up in the Collection Food days. Access.

7. I want to resell Amigos do Bem products. Is it possible?

The resale of Amigos do Bem products is made only by stores and supermarkets. If you work in an establishment and want to help us with the resale, click here and send us your request.

8. Can the company I work be an Amigos do Bem partner?

Yes. To be a Friendly Company, send an email to [email protected] with your request and find out how to join.

9. I want to make a school monitoring project on Amigos do Bem. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, we have no place for this type of monitoring due to the need to carry out training to participate at any stage of our projects.

10. Is it possible to donate toys, clothes, books and other objects?

Yes. Donations can be given at Amigos do Bem Center, at 300, Padre Maurício Street- Vila Diva, in São Paulo. Opening hours: from Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9:30 pm / Sat. 9 am to 4 pm / Sun. closed.

11. I would like to make a monthly donations to Amigos do Bem. How can I do it?

There are several ways so you can monthly collaborate with our projects. Visit our website and see all our plans for monthly contributions.

12. Where do the donations received by Amigos do Bem are directed to?

Donations received by Amigos do Bem are separated by a team of volunteers. Then the donations are directly delivered to the northeastern families that are registered in our project.

13. Where is the Amigos do Bem Center?

Vila Diva, in São Paulo. Opening hours: from Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9:30 pm /
Sat. 9 am to 4 pm / Sun. closed.

For further infomation, contact us.