The four Amigos do Bem villages were built in the states of Pernambuco (Buíque and Inajá), Alagoas (São José da Tapera) and Ceará (Mauriti). They are equipped with complete infrastructure and were created with the goal of developing the potential of each region and generate self-sustainability.


With over 33,000 m2 of buildings, these villages are home to vulnerable people who used to live in mud houses. They are large centers in which most of our projects take place. In addition to the more than 3 000 people living there, inhabitants of other villages work, study and receive medical and dental care in the Villages of Amigos do Bem.


The lack of water is a secular problem in northeastern hinterlands, and its resolution is one of our priorities. Since the beginning of our work in 1993, 112 cisterns were built and 21 wells drilled, meeting the needs of many communities that are assisted. In 2009, we reached one of our greatest achievements: the water channeling in Torrões (Alagoas), a region that has always suffered from the lack of water.

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