Histories of Transformation

Um dia sonhamos em ajudar muita gente, este sonho se tornou realidade e, hoje, mais de 60 mil pessoas já tiveram suas vidas transformadas.

BEFORE – Helena lived in Breus, a poor town of Pernambuco, in a thatched house with dirt floor and stick beds. Helena remembers the days of much difficulty, when she used to offer water with sugar to ease the hunger of her 11 children: “There were days I did not eat anything.”

AFTER – Today, Helena dedicates herself to activities in the Amigos do Bem villages, her husband works in the cashew plantation; her young sons and daughters work in the manufacture of nuts; and her small children attend our Transformation Centers.

BEFORE – It was a cold night in a remote village where Ivan was found by Amigos do Bem. There were few families and centuries of suffering.

AFTER – Ivan has promptly become a mason and helped to build the houses in our villages. His five children are studying in the Transformation Centers of Amigos do Bem. Maira, the oldest, is currently a monitor and is also being prepared to apply to College.

BEFORE – Martha and Mary lived with her parents and seven brothers in Pernambuco, in absolute misery and abandonment. This photo depicts the day they were found by Amigos do Bem: their eyes were downcast and their clothes were dirty and torn.

AFTER – Today, they live in the Amigos do Bem village of Catimbau (PE) and attend the Transformation Center, where they learn activities such as IT, English, Music and Arts. Their smiles adorn a new life, full of joy and opportunities.

BEFORE – Known as “Pequena” (the little one), Dalvanira was born in the Valley of Catimbau, in Pernambuco. She lived in a mud house, without water or power system. For a long time, she survived with some beans that have resisted the drought.

AFTER – With the arrival of Amigos do Bem, everything changed. The family of Pequena was one of the first Amigos do Bem villages resident. Pequena works at the candy factory, her husband grows cashew, her young daughters and sons work in the nut manufacturing and her young kids study in our Transformation Centers.

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