Christmas transforms

Christmas transforms

“Who would have thought that a trip which started with a friends group would become one of the biggest social projects of our country? An army of good turns every day into a Christmas celebration.”

We went on our first trip to the hinterland in 1993 Christmas. This trip has brought us the true meaning of Christmasconsciousness. Since then, we have been providing the necessary assistance to thousands of people every year, but above all, we have been giving them LOVE.
When we help someone, we are the greatest beneficiaries. Doing good turns us into better people for life.I thank all Amigos do Bem members and everybody who collaborates so that thousands of people may live Christmas every day.

With love,
Alcione Albanesi
President of Amigos do Bem

In the last 50 years worst drought, Santa Clauss appears and Amigos do Bem brings joy and hope to thousands of children. A 200 volunteers team carried out the Christmas distribution for more than 60 thousand people who are assisted in the northeastern hinterland. Divided in the states of Alagoas, Pernambuco and Ceará, the teams represented the work of more than 6,800 volunteers from São Paulo, who daily perform various tasks, such as collecting, assembling and organizing all the donations to serve the families from the hinterland.

captura-de-tela-2016-12-22-as-14-46-57In addition to distributing food, clothing, toys and layettes, they carried the mark of love through many hugs. Each team was attended by the good old Santa, who spread joy to children, young people and even adults, that rarely have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.


Focused on next year proposes, socio-educational talks were held. Issues such as forgiveness, family and transformation were addressed, so people were able to interact in the proposed dynamic. For youngs and children, lectures were also held with topics focused on behavioral issues that reflect in the family life and in the socio-educational development.


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