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Will to learn

In the hinterland, 2017 has started full of news: the 8th edition of the Training Project was held in January. With the theme "EDUCATION TO TRANSFORM. FACING THE FUTURE”, more than 350 education professionals who work in the TCs (Transformation Centers) of Amigos do Bem villages were gathered at Catimbau Transformation Center (State of Pernambuco). [...]

Christmas transforms

“Who would have thought that a trip which started with a friends group would become one of the biggest social projects of our country? An army of good turns every day into a Christmas celebration.” We went on our first trip to the hinterland in 1993 Christmas. This trip has brought us the true meaning [...]


Find out the history of Pequena. BEFORE – Known as “Pequena” Dalvanira was born in the Valley of … READ MORE BEFORE – Known as “Pequena” (the little one), Dalvanira was born in the Valley of Catimbau, in Pernambuco. She lived in a mud house, without water or power system. For a long time, she […]

Marta e Maria

Find out the history of Marta and Maria. BEFORE – Marta and Maria lived with .. READ MORE BEFORE – Martha and Mary lived with her parents and seven brothers in Pernambuco, in absolute misery and abandonment. This photo depicts the day they were found by Amigos do Bem: their eyes were downcast and their […]


Find out the history of Ivan. BEFORE – It was a cold night in a remote and deserted village, … READ MORE BEFORE – It was a cold night in a remote village where Ivan was found by Amigos do Bem. There were few families and centuries of suffering. AFTER – Ivan has promptly become […]


Find out the history of Helena. BEFORE – Helena lived in Breus, a poor town of Pernambuco, … READ MORE BEFORE – Helena lived in Breus, a poor town of Pernambuco, in a thatched house with dirt floor and stick beds. Helena remembers the days of much difficulty, when she used to offer water with […]

Creamy Banana Pie

Creamy Banana Pie Ingredients: – 3 cups of Amigos do Bem Cashew Nuts Flour

Chicken With Chestnuts Recipe

Chicken With Chestnuts Recipe Ingredients: – 4 chicken fillets. – 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly Recipe Ingredients: – 1 small cup of drained Amigos do Bem Pepper Vinaigrette.

Nut Milk Recipe

The cashew nut is a food that contains a healthy fat with fatty acids and omegas.